How do you feel about zombies?

In concept art mutants?
I know about robots, but I want to differentiate amongst the mutants and zombies.
I think that the developers removed the vain zombie rust legacy
I think it was a big mistake.
DayZ Standalone never be compared with NEW rust, NEW rust becomes at times better DayZ Standalone

Zombies have become this pop culture topic that’s just overdone and been beaten to (un)death IMO. Zombie movies, TV shows, games, game mods, game “bonus modes”, etc. It’s really starting to feel like everyone is just trying to latch onto the latest popular craze. I’d hate to see Rust devolving back to that.

That said, I’d like to see more NPC threats in Rust. I honestly can’t come up with anything better, so I’m not slagging the zombie suggestion. But I do think it’s something that’s run its course. At least it has for me.

there are zombies and they come in three variations: the stone zombie, the spear zombie, and the ever so deadly bow zombie. You’ve seen them, those pink zombies that run around attacking anything and everything.

The zombies that used to be in Rust were little more than loot pinatas(because they could be killed with a single headshot from most things) that looked like deformed clones of Dean Venture. They didn’t add atmosphere. They were only a threat to a fresh spawn or in large numbers.

Personally, I could care less what is brought on for PvE as long as it requires a bit of strategy to take out and serves more purpose than being a 1 hit loot pinata.

I hope that will replace “Minecraft” rust and become very popular with the release, the head of Garry to know what to do :slight_smile:

I feel bad about zombies.

I’m fairly new to Rust and never played legacy. But from what I’ve read and been told about them, they added very little value to the game. I’m glad that they were removed. Like Jim said, I’d like to see something added that isn’t just a simple 1-hit, mobile loot container.

Who needs zombies when the servers are already flooded with pigeon-brained trolls?

I like zombies, but not in this game.

What, you feel bad about zombies, in general? :v:

They’re happy enough eating brains and staggering around, don’t feel bad for them… lol

If we must have something it should be the caretakers.

I’d rather players be the most feared enemy.

i feel nothing for them.


I dont like Zombies, Robots or Babysitter Care-Bear-Takers Club members

No use for them in rust. I’d rather see more relevant stuff, things that fit the theme…

No zombies. Didn’t you already make a thread like this, Mike?

Zombies are overplayed in video games to begin with, and Rust was never about zombies. Rust is about survival.

Given the whole radiation aspect, and how one of the original influences on Rust was STALKER, I’d be more down for actual rad animals and mutants instead of zombies.

I also like the idea of the Caretaker robots from the concept art of the game. Have them as a server wide event that is unknowingly tripped by a player or group of players. However, they should be extremely rare. Maybe dropped by a plane every 1/100 air drops or have it rise out of the ground from closely nit and rare clusters of ore deposits that spawns randomly.

There needs to be another hostile entity besides other players and wolves/bears. The more hostility there is, and the harder said hostility is to neutralize, the more players will band together to eliminate it.

Not even a full week old, even.

And he got told the same thing there, and not a single agree on his posts urging zombies to be brought back.

Nobody wants zombies back.

It’s been a year since zombies were removed from the game.

Let go.