How do you fix it when you need to get to the menu and it crashes before you get there?

Basic It like this for 6 months I happily played the GMod then one day i change some of the graphically option in setting then it crashed like 5 minutes latter I just tried restarting it because they game a bit buggy and crashes a lot then it didn’t start. I try once more didn’t start. It basically open the loading G mod thing then just when it going to open it the box goes away with any crash or thing just like it didn’t want to open it I have asked on steam but no one has helped me and I have asked other places swell…

, - You need more of them.

Hmm. Do you know which graphical options you’ve changed?
Can someone get this player a adv command line value for default settings?

I don’t think commas are going to do me much good as I am trying to debug the gmod not get random posts…

When I added them, I read through and actually knew what you were talking about. Either way, there is a command for resetting graphical defaults. The only problem is I don’t know it.

Ok thanks for the info :stuck_out_tongue:


So any one know the command to reset graphical defaults :O?