How do you fix this error?

I’ve had that error ever since i’ve installed Rust, The Error message reads,“Rust Launcher Error: LauncherFailure - Failed to load the anti-cheat module”. i can’t find a solution and i’ve tried to contact EAC and i’ve had no luck. If EAC Staff are reading this may you help me in fixing this error please

Thank you.

It sounds like something is corrupting the download of the anti-cheat module. Most likely a local spyware or a malfunctioning proxy software. I’ve only debugged this happening with systems that had multiple virus infections.

I’ve have Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware and Norton 360 so i don’t think it would be any type of Virus that is stopping it

Make sure Norton’s told to play nice with Rust and EAC.

Well… the funny thing is that Norton allows them and it still doesn’t work. My Point is this Norton does have an impact on Rust or EAC

Sometimes i’ve fixed the game but when ever i shut down my computer and then turn it back on and try to open Rust it doesn’t work

Malware bytes can cause problems for rust, I uninstalled it and all my problems were instantly fixed.

Just uninstalled it and it did nothing