How do you get a Legit Login Key?

I dont want a cracked key or anthing, i am just wondering how do you get a key to be able to log in with.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key thread/didn't read the sticky/stop posting in bold" - postal))

You don’t.

Ask Garry for one. :slight_smile:


There are no keys available at the moment.
Unless you are a massive Youtuber with a fuck load of subscribers.

I must have been desperate to have fallen for that. Well played.



Oh my god just read the fucking sticky for once.

You have to suck a dick

But wait, I’ve already sucked like a million dicks. Where is my key then?

OH. Maybe it wasn’t the right dicks.

Fuck… well I’m not rich enough to fly to the UK and suck Garry’s dick. Looks like I’m screwed then.