How Do You Get Beta Keys.

Hello! I have seen the video that pissyndicate posted on this game and it looked like a very nice game. I’ve have been dieing to play it and i hope that this game will be released soon.

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You need to convince a magical Unicorn, but it has to be between 3:17 and 4:42 on an even day of the month.

But in all seriousness, you have to wait until the devs release more codes.

please people look around the forums instead of posting useless topics

You don’t. Developers post them on the forums, but not recently. Please read around the forum next time. There are enough testers to be honest.


Where could i find thoughs?

please look around on the forums before posting ‘how do i get a beta key’ posts, please…

On the Rust forums, where you posted this. That’s where you will find them.

This pic:

In this thread:

And Garry will send you a key in PM.

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That will land you a nice permaban.

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