How do you get models with hats?

How do you get the models with hats already on? I don’t mean wield a hat onto the model, I mean how do you get it so they spawn with them? For example Ellis from l4d2. His model comes with a hat. How would I get them to spawn with a hat. Do I have to make a skin for it? I would really like to know.

What do you mean, weld a hat? The hat is part of the model itself if thats what you are asking…

Do you mean the TF2 models?

Well first of , Ellis was modeled with the hat on. Second , you would need to decompile the models and attach the hat to the head.

So if you don’t know how to use any 3D modeling problems , you won’t be able to do it , so you will have to stick with welding the hats on.

Oops yeah I ment to say that Ellis was modeled with the hat on. I guess I worded wrong. So to make it so the models spawn with the hat already on their head I have to decomple and attach it to the head? Awesome I know a litte about decompiling and I’m sure I can figure it out. And I’m guessing the same applies if I want to take off the hat. What about long hair? Do I have to decompile the models in order to give them long hair?

Any changes you want to make to the model itself requires you to decompile it.