how do you get props on to dedicated server?

i have been trying to get props from tf2, css and others onto my server but for some reason it just won’t work. iv tried putting the models and materials folder into my server folders but still nothing changes.

my tf2 folders don’t even have much in them do i need something so i can see them properly i have all legit copies of the games and they are installed.

how can i get it to work any help appreciated. is there.

ah nice one hopefully will work thanks mate :slight_smile:

have all the files now but still cant spawn any on my server

Do you own the games yourself? If you don’t you still can’t spawn them.

yeh i own css dod l4d2 all the half life stuff and tf2 only tried the tf2 stuff iv got all the files sitting
there but it doesnt load. what folder do they need to go in ?