How do you get Valve Hammer Editor to work for G-Mod

Does anyone know how to get valvehammer editor to work for Garry’s Mod??

Yeah I want to know this too, since the old configuration doesn’t work. And
adding the Garry’s mod g cf to the orange box episode two doesn’t seem to change anything. And hammer like to crash when you do it.

Just use the Half-Life 2: Episode 2/Team Fortress 2/Portal configuration. They’ll work since they use the orange box config. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials on how to create your own configs around the net.


Stupid question:
Are you saying you have to use the Team Fortress or the Portal configuration?
Maybe what I did wrong with my map.
I just used the HL2 ep2.
Would make sense maybe.

No, you don’t HAVE to, but you can use it them since they run on the EP2 engine. Like I said, EP2 works fine as it uses most of the HL2 textures anyways.

Can it Work on CS:S too ???

i did all that and it took me like an hour to configure it and it just crashed as soon as i started it up, so after that i said “fuck it” and started asking other people to map for me

No, it doesn’t use the EP2 engine. Gmod needs maps that are compiled using the EP2 engine.

If i Configure the Options to this it can work ??

I’m not sure, although it’ll most likely work. Unfortunately, the Gmod configs are extremely buggy so you’re just better off using a pre-existing one.

Wrong. Gmod can run the old engine maps to. If you tell me otherwise, you are stupid. If you own css… You would actually notice the css maps are playable in gmod? Also, if you actually would look in the normal forums… Especially the mapping forum. You would notice that if you don’t have ep2, people tell you to use css.

Really? I was told that since it runs on the EP2 engine, that’s the kind of maps it needs to use :S

Sorry 'bout that. Although next time don’t be such a bitch about it.

I didn’t mean to sound bitchy. Especially not on you. My thought was to make sure that no one else, after my post, comes and tell me that I’m wrong.

Well I have tried these configurations and well even though it doesn’t crash hammer, there seems to be a problem with, well, let’s just say that you can’t do crap. It might be my pc but I’m not sure.

make a map extract it from hammer then copy and paste the file into gmod

What is you don’t have hl2 episode 2, orange box, or team fortress 2?

Then you fail.

Hey you guys I got a question. How come in my hammer editor when I look in the entities list I can’t find the scripted_sequence? I looked everywhere and I haven’t found a single thing that could help. I would appreciate it if someone can help me out?



i agree