How do you get who spawned the prop?

I wanna tell a player who owns the prop he is looking at, but then i found out that the :GetOwner() only works if you set it…

Just like this:
print( LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetPropSpawner() )

There are no default “owner” functions in Garrysmod.
ent:SetOwner() are used for weapons being equipped (Disables collisions … ect).

You can set a variable on the prop using hooks:

– Can be used on server and client:
local owner = ent:GetNWEntity(“my_owner”)

Or use a prop protection addon (Default in DarkRP)
You can check if you got prop protection with CPPI being a table.
You can read more about the comment prop protection interface (CPPI) here.

Or you could just open your console

Sorry read it wrong