How do you get your models from games

Hi there,

Okay so I was just wondering. I am planning on porting some models from games in particular HAWX into another game called Flight Simulator 10 (FSX).

I was wondering if there are any other ways apart from 3D Ripper DX to extract models from a game?

If you could please just give me a brief run down of how you do it and what you use I would be much obliged.


This community is great btw!

3D Ripper DX is the main backup plan if there’s no porting tools available for that game. The tools pretty much have to be scripted to work with the specific game’s compressed package things that have all the models and textures and code and shit in them. Not many games have porting tools available. Pretty much all Valve games do, all GTAs, I think Crysis, CoD 1, 2, WaW, 4, and a bunch of games using the Unreal engine.

So yeah 3D Ripper is your main option unless you can find an SDK for the game, and I don’t think there is one for HAWX. I didn’t look.

Is there anyway to get BF2 models or possibly PR model’s into G-mod ?

You can rip them. It’s been done before.

thanks ssa gib A, your a very helpful sean penn avatared user! probably the most helpful out of all of the sean penn avatared users on teh interwebz!