How do you guys deal with raiders you cant fight back against?

At first I was scared, then I just decided, since we had little to steal, and I had a million sleeping bags, that I would play them some music.
Played them Saleel Al Sawarim, Don’t you forget about me, X gon give it to ya, and Stromae before ultimately getting on mic and saying “Ok guys, its been fun, I’m coming out.”

If you thought you had no chance you could despawn all your loot.

And then what? If he survives then he’s lost everything anyway lol :hurr:

I would just place as many stone walls as I can to make it harder for them to get in and waste more C4 if I knew there wasn’t any other option. I play on modded though so I can always just take my stuff and teleport to another base.

And if he doesn’t raiders get nothing.


The point in doing that is that the raiders get nothing. You’ve wasted your time by deleting everything, but you’ve successfully wasted their time / resources as well.

If they haven’t broken in yet but are camping you, you could always try and escape with your stuff.

Some guys were camping our new base yesterday and waiting on the gear to break in, we waited until night and then one of our group ran out naked and drew their fire while I went out a different entrance and made it out into the mountains with all of our most precious stuff. They probably wasted loads of resources breaking through all of our doors/walls for nothing.

With a bit of cleverness you can also trap people in your base, if you have multiple doors on the inside you can usually bait people into running straight through the door and close it behind them as you run out, trapping them in there.