How do you guys get your weapon BPs?

I could shit bricks, seriously.

Since friday, I am running through radtowns and hunting barrels like a crazy monkey looking for some bananas and, so far, no fucking weapon BP.

I did nothing, i repeat, NOTHING else than hunting these BPs and now I’m asking myself, what am I doing wrong? How do you guys get your BPs?

Gonna throw my shit at others now, i guess.

I received ak bp from a snow barrel.

BPs are just luck inside barrels, this means you are unlucky, like many others, i got explosives BP in one barrel and in the next i got C4 :stuck_out_tongue:
Just pray and have luck.

It’s the luck of the draw. 5 guys playing in my group and we haven’t found any gun BPs as of yet since Thursday, despite regular rad runs and extended barrel hunting expeditions. A guy we know popped on the server, got a bolt action BP on his second barrel. Shit happens.

Luck of the draw … I have popped barrels and found the revolver BP, explosives BP, etc. I have also run the rad towns and come out with an apple, a pair of burlap shoes, and 1x paper. So it’s really all down to luck of the draw … and persistence.

(Playing in a group helps considerably. I used to play on my own, now I am in a group of 7-8 players, we have all the blueprints within 24 hours, because we all share what we find).

I’ve been breaking barrels since they were added. The only gun I’ve gotten is the revolver. I’m still missing metal chest plate, bucket helmet, the metal barrier, and maybe some clothing items. I’d take just about any gun other than the revolver right now.

I did get the timed explosive charge from a radtown though. Also, seems like the radtowns only have shit now. I always find common items and trash in them. I’ve finally managed to get a couple airdrops, but no blueprints just guns.

Like Neil said though, groups really help. It’s very tough to go solo, but with added base defenses/traps it’s gotten a little better.

I find that rad site crates seem to have a slightly better chance to drop an actual weapon than barrels. But as for BPs, you get no better out of a rad site than barrels. Rad towns are mostly useless atm.

It also depends on what type of server you play on. Modded servers have a tendency to be slightly more generous with contents.
I find it amusing however that people are still only deferring to Rad towns as their source of barrel hunting. Before last patch, I found both explosive bp’s, bolt,snap and AK bp’s outside of any rad town. Matter of fact, I haven’t stepped into a Rad town in weeks.
As a side note, I am unsure if it was tagged in game but a LOT of servers are reporting empty containers this week

The main server I play on wiped BPs with the last update. But before that. Myself and my guys could make everything. The only gun BP we got from a rad site was the Thompson that we got from the small rad house. The others were all from random barrels.

And yes, the number of empty barrels I’m finding is disproportionately high compared to before. I find I’m lucky if I have 1 barrel in 3 drop loot. And they’ve been rather stingy with their contents. I’ve found so many burlap shirts in the last few days that I could go into the Vagabond Jacket manufacturing business if I still had that BP. lol

THIS is what the community asked for. For a good while people were complaining how guns and gun BPs were too frequent and plentiful.

It isn’t much help now, but bear in mind that the game is still being worked on and as such loot rates are subject to change. As other have said, its also a case of real life luck.

I don’t mind them being rare, but I play daily for an average of 2 hours, and longer on the weekends. I almost always do at least 1 naked barrel run when I’m on, and break anywhere from 20-30 barrels. On average, since the BP wipe I’ve broken over 1500 barrels. In that time I’ve only gotten the revolver. In fact I’ve found it probably 5-6 times.

Now, I’m not really complaining because I have team mates that can make me the guns, and again I like the rarity. I’m just wondering if there’s some other way to make them rare other than barrel drop rates?

Also, I don’t play on modded servers because what’s the point of discussing balance unless it’s on vanilla?

I’m not terribly upset at the lack of gun BPs to tell you the truth. I think they were far too prevalent before. That said, I still wish I could find one…

I feel like implementing in a system for upgrading is the best way. Display all weapon blueprints in your crafting menu but lock them until you can invest so much resource into them. Distribute those resources throughout the barrels and stuff at common drop rates, and allow the player the choice of what to unlock first. Make sure the resources required for the blueprints are universal, but it doesn’t mean there needs to be only one type. Then all it takes to balance is changing price of resource for each different blueprint based on how powerful/useful it can be.

I think that is could be a good idea, just need to make sure that the resources aren’t too prevalent or too little. I’ve encountered the same problem with finding gun BP’s, and this seems like a good way to fix it. Maybe add tiers so someone cant unlock AK and ammo off the bat, so you would need to get revolver, then Thompson at tier 2, Bolt at tier 3, and AK at tier 4. Same for armor.

Here’s a thread I started awhile ago about crafting. This might balance it out a little more.

With the whole caretaker idea for Tier 3, I couldn’t help but wonder what you would do if you played solo. If caretakers required a group of people to bring down, or just lots of skill and luck, it would be a pain in the ass to bring down solo; Just wondering, cause I love the idea, just that solo players might be left in the dust with them caretakers.

I like to think if you truly play this game solo that you’re playing it on Very Hard difficulty. I imagine it being possible to take one down on your own, but it would be very hard - similar to a ending level boss on a one player game. So yes, it would be a pain in the ass. However, would you rather spend hours breaking barrels, or trying to actually accomplish a goal or mission?

Personally I like playing solo and in smaller groups because the game is more challenging, and something like this would be fun to try and take down solo. With the larger groups it gets to the point where everything is just too easy.

I see where your coming from, thanks for the clarification frank. :eng101:

I barrel hunt for a few dozen years. Found myself a 'volver blueprint the other day.