How do you hide lua errors!

I hate them so much! Make them go the f*ck away!

Remove the shit that is causing them.

What if it’s in a server? Then what do I do?

I’m pretty sure the idea is you don’t hide/remove them, because there’s something wrong with the code and it needs fixing.

If you don’t understand how to use it, don’t bother asking. You need to know that hiding errors isn’t the best thing to do.

1.Either remove them.


2.Download the addons from the actual site, sometimes I get error spammed if they are downloaded from a server.
Eg. have (lets say…) wiremod in the Addons Folder , not downloaded via some “Random’s” server


3.try to find the cause of the “LuaErrors” and report it if you allready tried the above.

  • Thats what I would do : ) .*

You can’t make them go away, unless you fix whatever is causing them.

Yes you can. You just need to know that the error isn’t fixed.

did you even bother to check anywhere?

That doesn’t work. Stop posting it.