How do you hide the viewmodel?


Tried checking the Gmod Lua Wiki?

Lots of weapon hooks there.


Wait sorry, are you making your own weapon or just want to hide your viewmodel in general?

I want to hide it in general, is there a console cmd?

Also is there a command to hide the playermodel?

One second, I think there is…


I can’t find it


try putting this in a file called “hideview.lua” and place into Lua/autorun/server

function SWEP:Deploy()


I think that should work.

But it isn’t togglable.

Did it work, if so let me do you a toggleable one.



Or you could just, y’know, use this:

r_drawviewmodel 0



Fuuuuuuu- I knew there was a command I just couldn’t find it, my code didn’t work anyways, will make it work though :argh: