How do you import a model from a game? (Far Cry 2)

I’m currently trying to aquire a model from the game, “Far Cry 2”. I’m trying to use the program named as, “3D Ripper DX”, but I’m having some difficulty with it. How would you even get the textures from that file? Does anyone have any experience with model importing? Maybe there could be some way to go within the games files itself and just convert them to a useable format. I really would appreciate any help I could recieve with this issue or if anyone has any time to spare and could handle it for me.

Anyone? I’m looking to use this for Fallout:New Vegas.

Come on! Lol, It’s a pain in the ass to do anything with the Source engine… Most of the time, the models don’t even work.

Most of the time, you’re doing something wrong.

Alright, you’re supposed to designate a folder for all the textures to go when you capture the frame. Once 3DS Max is open with all the proper 3D Ripper DX plugins installed you’re going to open the 3DR File that you ripped then open your material editor “M” and you will drag the materials into the viewport slots so you can view them. You will then experiment by applying each material that you dragged into 3DS Max to your imported model to find out which one goes with it.

If you want to know my take on what you’re doing, I’ll suggest you just drop porting all together and just enjoy them in 3DS Max. Btw, you will also need to rig them. Have fun.