How do you make a construct-style white room?

I loaded up gm_construct for the first time in quite awhile just a couple minutes ago, and I remembered how much I like the white room. So I was wondering if anyone knows how I could go about recreating the white room in hammer.

Thanks. :smile:

I bet it’s just props used as walls.


Nevermind, I decompiled it and it uses gmod_allowtools

gmod_allowtools doesn’t quite work in the manner shown there anymore however, since Garry broke it at some point.

You decompiled it?
Pardon me, I am rather new to mapping.
How do I decompile a map(I know not to decompile it without the creator’s permission)?

vmex, google it.

Thanks :smiley:

No need to decompile it anymore since Garry released the vmf’s a few hours ago… But yeah, you can use it on other maps.

Problem with that is for some reason 90% of the materials are grey because they all point to within the what would be the compiled BSP.

Just use an UnlitGeneric white texture. That is all.

Tools/white works I think.