how do you make a first person gmod movie like kitty0706 movies?

If you have watch kitty0706’s first person movies youll know what i am talking about How do you make them

Its not going to be easy, just dont bother.

I think he uses greenscreen for arms, im not sure. But some of his scenes the arms look like they were greenscreened

Hey dumbass, you dont need to make 2 threads.

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A lot of effort and experimenting. You need patience.

Patience, skill with camera’s and a couple of weeks.

Basically he uses a stop motion technique from the perspective of somebodies eyes.

the best i could do is npc camera a npc then make the npc run around/get shot etc

what is green screen

a green screen is a screen. and well, its green. it replaces any green with a backround/video.

thus, he gets arms on a greenscreen, and replaces the green with his gmod.
that’s my theroy. (spelling is hard, kay?)

I can do it fine xD Search Smitz Z on youtube. And go on Adventures of Havey Gee. Its pretty close to what kitty does :downs:

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