How do you make a Gmod comic?

I know how to make normal comics, but how do you make GMod comics like others do.
Your help is greatly appriciated!

The same way you make a normal screen-shot. You pose rag-dolls, props, set camera angles and take pictures. The you post them here on Facepunch in the desired order.

If you don’t know anything about GMod, I suggest you learn the basics before starting to make comics with it.

You need some sort of editing program I’m sure.

  1. Have a nice idea.
  2. Make sure its original or at least interesting/funny.
  3. Dont try to make them funny.
  4. Write it or have a fucking nice memory.
  5. Pose it.
  6. Use an editing program to do Speechbubbles, effect or whatever(Fuck dont use MSpaint or I will rip your balls off)(GIMP is a good choice if you dont/want have/to cash to buy Photoshop).
  7. There is a thread with a SHIT load of help about comic making stickied on this section, I suggest you read it.