How do you make a map D: may be rewarded if im impressed enough with a black ops 2 game

Hey if anybody can tell me how to make a map im planning on building my school and also how do you get custom props like if you look on the Garry’s mod Addons page somebody posted stone hedge in London he had custom rocks if anybody can help me you will be greatly awarded in respect and i may be able to give you a game if im impressed enough apon your tutorial on helping me thank you for reading i appreciate your time.

What you need to do is download the source sdk. you’ll find it in your tools branch of your steam library. there you will find a program called hammer which is what is used to make maps for any source engined game. to use it you need to have at least one source game installed and ready to use. when opening up the source sdk you are presented with a selection of different branches of the source engine such as the 2006 version or 2009 version and so on. you select the version that goes along with the game that you have installed and open up hammer. When first opening up hammer it might look a bit difficult to take in all the aspects and tools and what not, but give it some time and watch some youtube tutorials and you’ll soon know hammer by head. I recommend playing around and making some small maps utilising only the basic “vanilla” content that comes with the game that you selected to make a map for. That way you can get a good feel of the program and how certain things are done before you try to add a bunch of custom content (which frankly is more complicated than it should be to do).

You should take a look at the mapping section of facepunch. There you will find a lot of useful threads regarding making maps for gmod and the other branches of the source engine. You should also take a look at interlopers which is a forum dedicated to mapping within the source engine where you will find loads of tutorials and inspiration. another good page to keep in mind is valve developer wiki where you can read up on everything within the source sdk.

If u give me ur staem name i can walk u through it

You’re better off following what beanz told you to do.

Blow a pre-order for a 60/90 dollar game on a complete stranger first, then we’ll see about telling you which button to press in Steam to open Hammer.

Your Lovely, such a friendly person.

OP, if you add me on Steam, I can help you with anything mapping-related that you need.

  1. Download Source SDK from the tools menu in your library
  2. Set the game you want to make a map for and start hammer (
  3. Watch some tutorials on youtube ( is good)
  4. Spend as much time as you can using hammer so you can learn
  5. Become god or whatever you’re capable of

he means a map you play in like flatgrass, dumbass.

He wasn’t being serious.

If I were you I wouldn’t use 3kliks.

I’ve asked this before but I forgot the answer. What is so bad about 3kliks?

I may be wrong, and people might disagree since it’s a touchy subject, but I remember his tutorials involving carved brushes for terrain and hollowed skyboxes. People say he specified that they aren’t recommended techniques, but others are adamant that he’s responsible for teaching bad methods to the many beginner mappers who watch his videos.

He’s also a member here, but hasn’t posted for a long time since the mapping section entered red alert whenever he turned up.

Timenova is right…hell, i started my tutorials because 3kliks wouldn’t fix the glaring issues with his.

I love his explanation of why you should avoid carve. He claims it’s becase you then can’t resize them easily.

may be rewarded if i’m impressed enough and if the stars are right and the seventh kingdom is at peace with the realm of the elves with a game that may or may not come out anytime soon