How do you make a model (like put on and save it?

Anyone know how?

It is very hard and takes a lot of time.
I recommend Blender, there’s plenty of tutorials for it, too.

Thanks i’ll try it!! :slight_smile:

Wing 3D studio, its simple! There are tutorials for it too!

Why does everyone mark me as dumb!!!???

Because they think you’re dumb.


not because your dumb but the reason should be self explanatory. Just keep in mind the general age of the people who post here and so on.
Also people here have this complex going, if you don’t know how to do something then your automatically stupid (your being marked as dumb should be proof enough)

To sum it up, you have a group of people with pen** envy who love to troll. If you can sift through the asshats there are some helpful people that wander in. If you want to learn how to do models and stuff i suggest going to a forum where thats all people do professionally, not here.

I ask for help and the post sits there until i edit it and remove the text, or by some act of god someone tried to help but mostly i get trolled. which is making me start to decide to take my projects elsewhere all together and leave this site.

Anyways. i tend to vent off topic and apologies for that

No one is dumb, rather you lack the knowledge.

Penis. Censorship not needed.

To summarize his (her?) post in general - people aren’t rating you dumb because they think you’re dumb, necessarily. From the way you asked the question (coupled with your not-perfect English) they assume you’re 12 and retarded. And most people in this section are douchebags.

I believe he meant ‘Pencil’



If you decide to use blender i recommend this thread. its about how to export from blender to source.

blender is free right?


Indeed, Wings 3D is a very easy to learn program. I prefer it over Blender and 3DS Max

taking a quick look at it, it seems rather limited compared to blender and 3ds max

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You can render it in opengl in version 1.2, to take a quick look at it.