HOw do you make a NPC do an animation all the time in mapping?

Wham City by NIPPER

Note: it is not a ragdoll.

Oh wait, AMMO made it, sorry

On Alyx, go into model and find the model you want (I think that’s something like sit_couch) and once you’ve found it copy it. Make a scripted sequence and paste the animation into it. Play around with it, so it will loop. Then in flags check start on spawn. Done.


Remember to name Alyx and make her the target.

Also, I know this is the mapping section but since this is also on the topic of animations: How do you make them? (I have no clue how to use milkshape)

Model them, give them bones, texture them, export them, compile them, make them into NPCs with LUA.


I think. I’ve never done it before.

No I mean giving them custom animations (Like making them disco)

I think you open them in a modelling program and you can animate them in there. I have no idea how though.

How about an example of : Gman: animation : Seafloorposes

Also, how do you put that NPC with the animation into hammer?