How do you make a ragdoll in blender.

I have exported well over 15 times in Blender and cannot get it to rag doll. I have it rigged with vertices. I export an animation, reference etc. Yet when I open it in GMOD its a solid un-moveable object. What am I missing?

Put the bones in .qc?

What? I don’t have a qc, StudioCompiler is doing it for me.

Does it have any option for bones?

It has a box in which you name the file, load the reference, load the idle animation, load the collision and a compile button.

Can you take a screenshot of it?

You may have to use GUIStudioMDL.

Can’t it wouldn’t work.

What errors did you get?

It said it couldn’t find itself.

Fatal Error couldn’t find studiocompile something something.

That is a different .exe altogether. Open Source SDK and refresh the SDK content, then try it.

I did, then had to go through that .txt and -211 bull. And now I am using that.

Where were you putting the file?

What file? My smds?

The GUIStudioMDL.exe.

its in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps----\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin

Try it in sourcesdk\bin.

And then it will work and make a ragdoll? Also HLMV won’t work either, it says it can’t find it when I click the view model button.

I just make my own QC script using notepad. Can help you doing it :slight_smile: