How do you make a server a fast dl?

I was just wondering how to, for when my servers are up-and-running, I want it to be a FAST dl, so people won’t quit because of the long dl time, (I know how annoying that can be, I waited 8 hours before I decided to give up on a PERP with it’s long dl time)

I was just wondering, it’s not something I’ll be mad about if it doesn’t get answered, I just wanted to know.

First: PERP is shit/crap, totally overplayed. Allot of renting companeys got fast download speed “built in”

I can give u on here, got 4 servers for clan havoc running by them:

Good support, really friendly.

I meant is there a way to make one for free? I’ll be using SCRDS, and I don’t really have money to pay for servers, at least not for awhile

I just want to know how to get a darkRP, for free, with fast dl time.

Just gotta ask, this isnt about this, but why does everyone wanna get a server. See it like this, there is about 600 DarkRP servers, maybe 1 or 2 will join urs a month.

No money for servers? So you want to host a server at home, with fast dl?

Not gonna happen.

^ really? dang it!