How do you make a train that never stops driving with a looping scenery ?

Yeah, how do you make a train that never stops driving with a looping scenery ?

Make your scenery, And give it a train track so it slides past the train and looks good, Then just make the scenery go back to point one when it reaches the end

I don’t know how to do that, I am a noob mapper !

Do you mean so the player would be on the train?

I think he means like the TF2 map with 2 trains.

Well you’d better go and learn then.

If I was gonna do it, I’d make a circular landscape and parent it to a func_tracktrain going around in a looping circle.

Though, you would notice if you were going around in a circle.

I would personally just make a really long texture, like 4096x512, and make it a scrolling texture on the side of a brush. Then if your map takes place inside a train, just place the brush outside the train window, LOL.

I’d make a circular map, and have the map rotate around the train. (Train stays stationary.)

I did the thing with the trains being static and a func_tracktrain environment moving past a while ago:

Here’s the source VMF if you want it. I’d prefer you made your own trains, retextured it, etc., but you can use this as a base:

You could just make it a very large circle…

or you could model a few different scenery segments that fit together seamlessly, have a logic_random spawn any one of them far from the actual map, and have kill them as they get really far away from the map. It would require quite a bit of effort though, and a more advanced knowledge of modeling. (or you could just use propper)

The circle thing doesn’t work, I’ve tried, it’s too noticeable.

The model segment thing basically works like the vmf I posted above, except that it teleports instead of spawning and killing.

You could make an animated texture

How do you make animated textures in vmf

Tip: do not use displacements on func_tracktrain entity, or your map won’t compile.

I am going to make an animated texture now, Will post a vid


Gah, Looks terrible

You can scroll textures, I made a scrolling version of a texture, have the code:

    // Original shader: basetexture
    "$basetexture" "metal/metalfloor002a"
            "texturescrollvar" "$baseTextureTransform"
            "texturescrollrate" "4"
            "texturescrollangle" "0.00"
            "texturescrollvar" "$base Texture Transform"

The disadvantage is that the texture has to be fullbright…or at least I think it does

Can anyone link me to a tutorial for that code thing that goes with textures?
I can make textures, But not the code part

Displacements don’t work for any function.

You could just make them into models with propper and parent them to he tracktrain.

Which goes right back to my idea of creating a set of models that will spawn in a random order…