How do you make a train that the player can walk around in?

Yeah, I’m pretty new to hammer (Started yesterday) and I want to make a train where the player can walk around in. How do I make it ?

Make a train using brushes and make it a func_tracktrain.

Make a ent_pathcorner (I think that’s what it’s called) then call it stop1.

On the tracktrain’s settings, make the first stop stop1.

If you hold shift and drag the pathcorner it will automatically rename it stop2 and make stop1’s next stop, stop2.

It will require some fiddling, but that’s how you do it.

So, the train would pass through both those points? Like infedently ?

its path_track isnt it?

well, i say if you just started yesterday, work on less complex projects. like your brushwork.

This is pretty basic stuff.

You can’t make a map of pure brushwork.

You’d get bored and lose motivation.



yea, but most you dont want a map with a crappy looking train now do yee?

Seriously; What?



Thanks for the help guys! One more question, how do you combine 2 brushes?


You mean group them?

If you do, mark both of them and press CTRL+G

Many maps are made of pure brushwork, looks great or doesn’t. Models don’t make the map.

Actually, yeah.

You already have 500 posts?

and yet not a good one to this date