How do you make a usable machine gun in a map?

Hey I’m making a map and want to add a machine gun to it like the ones used in HL2 when you’re on the beach and about to attack Nova Prospekt. Can anyone tell me how to make one or send me a link to a tut? thanks.

How about looking around.

Instead of having him search through the post, give him a damn link to the tutorial perhaps?

Here you go OP:-

Thanks for the link! I tried what it said to do in the tut, but for some reason the turret won’t fire anything. It allows me use it and when i hold down mouse1 it will show the gun firing but no bullets will come out and nothing will be damaged. Does anyone no why this is or how i can fix it? is it cuz the tut was for orange box source?

does this work in multiplayer?

Not in gmod.

It still shoots, but the turret doesn’t swivel (If you want a fixed gun perhaps). Best of luck with the map OP.

I linked to the exact post, it wasn’t even a whole PageDown away.