How do you make a working sever????

Me and my friend are trying to get on the same sever together but we want it to be are own sever and everytime we try to join each others sever its says: ‘sever not responding’ I have no idea why this is happing to just me and him so can someone please help us.

How are you making the server ? Did you set sv_lan 0 ?

I believe you need to open ports 2015 and 2020, I’m not sure if you have those open, and those may be the wrong ports. If you already have open ports:
sv_lan 0
Into console.


Go into your router. Open port 27015 UDP and TCP. Forward those ports to your IP. (Make sure its a STATIC IP. If you dont know what it is, google it.) go to an IP checker website like ipchicken. then
give this to yourfriend

connect (IP FROM IPCHICKEN):27015

He types that into his console.

If it works, he will connect to your outside IP, through port 27015, and your router will say, “HEY, CONNECT TO THIS STATIC IP THATS HOSTING THE SERVER!!!” Done. If they cant connect. Type sv_lan 0 and heartbeat in console.

ok thanks guys for the help :slight_smile: