How do you make advanced duplicator slower

Well, I think this is the right section. This doesn’t exactly fit in releases or requests, so yeah.

In a nutshell, how would I go about making the advanced duplicator go slower. So instead of spawning 300+ entities in around five seconds, it spawns around 20 in five seconds.

Yes, I’m exaggerating on the numbers. But you get the picture :).

Thank you if you take the time to reply with a solution.

Read the code and change it?

Not very helpful aualin.

Go to Adv Duplicator\lua\autorun\server\AdvDupe.lua and change line 1109 to 1111

They look like this

local MaxDownloadLength = 200 --common to all players. same as above, but limit is MAX 255, but it doesn’t work well above 200
local DownloadPiecesPerSend = 3 --per player. same as above. set it to high and the server WILL most likely crash
local DownloadSendInterval = 0.1 --per player. same as above. this should be the lowest you should use

DownloadSendInterval is probably the one you want to change. (higher numbers makes it slower)

Changing these does not change the speed for spawning, I believe it only changes it for downloading the contraption from the server or uploading it too the server.

What I want to do is make it take longer to actually spawn it in the server.

Oh right. I dunno about that though.

A guess would be its in AdvDupe.AddDelayedPaste at line 1959 in file autorun/server/AdvDupe.lua
[lua]Delay = CurTime() + .2,[/lua]
Try changing .2 to 1 or something
Possibly on line 2148 also
[lua]T.Delay = CurTime() + 0.2[/lua]
Possibly at line 1550
[lua]local DelayAfterPaste = 2[/lua]
I would suggest looking into the first two, though

As the name indicates this is advanced

If none of it works i would recommend reading the whole 122kb file, since that is the most likely place to have the spawning code

Or GM:CanTool?

What? Is this not the wrong place for GM:CanTool?

:siren: I misread the OP this is to make the stool use slower and not the time interval between props :siren: :

–/////Tool Slowerer
–// Made by Commander2040

local ToolTable = {


local function AddToolSlower(name,duration) --//We make this function to simply make the script more readable

local t = {} = name
t.duration = duration
ToolTable[name] = t


–//AddToolSlower(“remover”,0.2) --//Use the function like this: AddToolSlower(<name of tool>,<duration>)

if ToolTable[name]  then --//Do we have to check for this tool?
	if gamemode.Call(name,ply,tr,name) then --//What if the gamemode says no?
		--//Then do nothing!

			local last_call = ply["last_"] or 0 --//If he spawned he first spawned the player doesnt got this Variable so it defaults to 0
			if (CurTime()-last_call) &gt;  ToolTable[name].duration then --// We check does the difference match the duration?
				ply["last_"] = CurTime() + ToolTable[name].duration --//Yes it did reset the timer
				return true --// Allow the player to use this

				return false --//Else nope sorry you cannot use this.



Adv dupe is only used once and spawns the entire set of props. That won’t help.

Why is that guy doing --// o.O

Because I still dont have the GMOD Lua plugin and C++ only accepts --Comments and as Im used to // I had to put – infront of them -.-. And oh I misread the OP, I tought he wanted that you cannot spam with Adv. Dupe >.< well anyway I will leave it.

// works in C++ and Lua
– works in Lua

Well in my Notepad ++ // is not supported for comments. The syntax highlighting(how2spell?), I mean.

That doesn’t explain why he’s using // too.

// is one of the extensions garry made for lua in garrysmod. – is the standard lua comment. Just like regular lua doesn’t have !, !=, && or ||.
The way I see it you are using lua so you should use the lua standard syntax.

I think what OP wants is to make it so when you spawn the contraption, it takes longer for all the props and stuff to spawn. Unless there’s some handy variable somewhere, I guess you’ll just have to trawl through the code looking for keywords such as timer or CurTime.


Anyone know how to do this.

The real question is WHY you want to do this.