How do you make Garry's Mod run faster?

Hey my gmod works well but not so much for building. When I build a small house or something like that it makes it hard to do anything. So I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to change the FPS or just a little tip thanks.

Put the graphics on low.


Options > video > advanced(?)

Ok any other good idea’s??

try in console dxlevel 81 then _restart

What’s your specs?

idk I know it ain’t my computer tho because I got 250MB of more ram and a new graphics card.

Right click the “My computer” icon then click properties and tell us what youve got. And im telling you straight away, if you have less than 1 GB of ram, get more.

2.21 GHz, 1.37 GB of RAM

Ok, if you have a duo core it’s ok, and if you use xp the RAM is sufficient.

Tip: If you want it to run fast only install absolutely necessary addons (phx3, wiremod and adv dupe)

Can you run other games well?

Close out of all unnecessary processes.

Get a good video card.

I can I have TF2 and CS:S installed. (for the addons and props)

  1. Put the quality on all options to low.
    2.Remove all unwanted addons.
    3.Get some sort of alien-ware computer, i dunno.

Uhm, ok. I think he’s asking if you can run them playable, and it’s not all choppy and doesn’t stutter every second.

You’re on Facepunch, how dare you recommend someone an Alienware?

Oh ya, sorry they work quite good! CS:S works the fastest tho.

Hey! By the way, does anyone know how to reduce smoke lag?