How Do You Make Hollow Models?

I would just like to know as the name would imply, every time I make a collision box in 3ds max it seems to simplify it and not allow me to walk inside it. I would like to know how to fix this.

Put $concave under $collisionmodel

I already had that under my qc, Here is my qc.

$modelname morrowind\architecture
$cdmaterials "morrowind\architecture
$scale .5
$body studio "3waynorm_ref.smd"
$sequence idle "3waynorm_idle" fps 1
$collisionmodel "3waynorm_phys.smd"
$Mass 50

I am shure I just did something stupid though… Right?

I think $staticprop removes the ability to have hollow physmodels.

Have you remembered to make every part of the physmodel a different smoothing group?

the concave physics mesh must be made up of several convex meshes, so you can’t have a single concave primitive as your collision mesh.

You can, actually, just use one smoothing group.

The collision mesh should be one collapsed object composed of individual, non-welded segments. The faces of the segments should be inverted and the entire thing should be placed in one smoothing group.

Thanks for the info, will try when I get the chance.