how do you make props?

how do you make props like cars (drivable)

and get them to work WITHOUT ADV DUPLICATOR !!

so basicly wat do u do to make them ?



[lua]local ent = ents.Create(“prop_physics”);
ent:SetModel(“path/to/model”); //Relative to the models folder.
ent:SetPos(Vector(x, y, z));

That is the basics of creating a prop in Lua.


I didn’t read the first post properly.


but do i need a sertain program for making them ?

To script in Lua all you need is a text editor.

wat is that ?

A text editor, like notepad…


You be trolling?

ya but how do you MAKE the vehicles and stuff
like if u would get a car pack and there are folders for sound models materials

how do i make those ? knows all.

o.k but isnt this wat fp is for anyways ?

Protip: Props aren’t made in lua.

Yeah, models and materials and sounds aren’t made in Lua, just used in Lua. To make a car in Lua, you do something like this:

local car = ents.Create("prop_vehicle_jeep")

Props are made with model editors.

I’m guessing he wants to know how to create a vehicle with a different car model.

I think you’re going to need to be using this site, rather than a forum full of sarcastic teenagers.
If, however, you feel inclined to stick with us, try this subforum.

yes thank you





i kinda ignored this but, do i need to download any studio model programes to make vehicles?

Do you mean models or the Lua code?

models, lua is next

You won’t be able to just ‘LOL I LEARN HOW TO MAKE MODELZ KAY BAI’ Takes time.