How do you make terrain?

How do I go about making terrain for gmod maps? Thanks for any help!

What am I doing wrong here:

EDIT: If you wanna help this is probably the easiest way:



select face. texture tool, displacements tab. click create, click OK. click paint geometry. create.

Thanks, i’m gonna try it now.
This should help. :slight_smile:

thanks. I’ve gotten it down for the most part. For whatever reason my displaced block isn’t showing up, texture wise. in gmod… it’s blue.

It’s beyond the skybox. What you’re doing wrong is it’s in the void, the correct way to do it is place it inside the boundary of the skybox, or use a 3D Skybox

The only way it could have been outside of the box would have been at the bottom but it wasnt.

Remember that displacements do not seal maps from the void like regular brushes do, put another brush on the bottom of it and make sure it’s sealed up.

I did what I thought that mean but I still have the problem - I put a giant block the same size of the displaced one right below it, I also went ahead and dragged the blocks that make up the walls down to contain it basically making a pool with the displaced block within. This time part of the texture shows up.

Note the textured area above moves w/ the camera.

WOULD THE PROBLEM BE: selecting the whole block and creating a displacement rather than just one face?

Leak anyone?

Ok, I retried this with the same results. Here’s what i did:

Made a bottom block.
Made another smaller block above, not conencted to the other, but above.
Went to texture tool and selected the top of small block
Selected displacement then geo paint and made some bumps
Compiled an ran - same result.

It is completely invisible from below, as it should be, but the top is blue even though there;s an applied texture.


if you want to help, this is probably the easiest way: