How do you make textures High Res?

I was hoping to make a pack of some high res models, but I don’t know how to make them. Could someone give me a tutorial?

You just make textures bigger, like twice as big or so.


And more detailed, of course. The difference is not really that great, though, and if you make it too high res, it can look fuzzy.


Here I kinda asked the same thing, they gave a couple of nice advices on how to make it bigger and shit.
I hope it helps.

Thanks, Stanz.

There’s a lot of talk about how you set it up but not about how you actually go about creating a better texture. It’s not just about the size- you have to actually be good at advanced Photoshop techniques in order to create a superior texture. Here’s an example of a reskin for Raiden’s arm I made a while ago:


What I did was increase the size by 8 and then use the incredibly blurry texture as a reference for adding entirely new graphics. As you can see, doing this well does require skill and knowledge, so it’s not a matter of simply increasing the image and then applying a Sharpen filter or overlaying a bunch of grunge and dirt.

I know you have to be good, yet I’m not good.

Those lines are rather too thick and give off a cartoony look, but it’s a good explanation.