How do you make the slideshow presentation in cs_office?

I’m curious as to how the slideshow presentation for the projector in the cs_office map was done. Been searching for an hour and can’t find a how-to.

Get GCFScape and extract the textures used for the slider.

If I’m not wrong, the vtf will have animated frames, and the vmt do the rest.

Also, check this link:

i always thought it was a project texture

In CS:GO it is.

I’ve looked at CS:GO’s office map in hammer, there are several entities tied to the projector, however, i don’t know enough about Hammer and it’s various entities to properly explain how it does what it does

I think its the same in css.

Basically this?

CSS Office or CSGO Office?

Despite all of these disagrees, this man is correct. In CS:S, it’s an animated texture with a very slow framerate tied to a func_illusionary that dies when the projector dies. There’s some other effects for the lighting aspect of the projector (lots of sprites and some dustmotes), but the presentation itself is just a texture.

In CS:GO it’s an env_projectedtexture which allows the actual slides to be projected over models that pass in front of it.

Do you really need to extract them if you are using the CSS version of Hammer, though?

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Technically CSS, but I’m not allergic to knowing how it was done in CSGO.

No, just search for the texture “slide” and apply it to whatever you want.