How do you make your maps les likely to give you away if they are stolen from you?

I either write a big “FUCK YOU” or draw a dick on the map, and remember which letter was over my base, or which one of the balls.

Also used maps to write notes to people I have raided. Again, a simple “FUCK YOU”. In fact, I’ve reused some of my maps as raid notes because of this!

lol, nice.

i suppose the simplest solution is not to use maps, but coded information is always a good approach since people will have a hard time working out the actual meaning most of the time.

A real pro would point out your enemy’s base on your own map, but hide it cleverly enough so that your killers actually think that’s your base. Extra points if you taunt them into completely destroying “your base”

Or make a sign on the base you want to move into, but cannot break in. Also you could make a trap.

maps are for sissies, you dont need them, only the inferior minds use the maps because their so fkn stupid that they cant figure out where their mummy is.:rock:

I do this too. Apart from the fuck you written on the map I only mark other people’s bases.

Although I do make a map to keep in the house with rad town locations marked.

I don’t mark my base. I only mark other bases. I remember my base’s location by the fact that “it’s halfway between those two lakes that kind of point over in this direction”.

Now, you can argue that “but if you don’t map your base and they manage to find it anyway, then they know it’s yours! OMGZZ!!!11!”. That’s true. Who cares? If they find that base anyway and feel like raiding it, they’re going to raid it. Whether or not they have a map is irrelevant.

No need for maps since exists

I’m so used to have the map in my mind, no need for a virtual map here.

EDIT: I use the maps as trolling device.

I only recently got the keypad lock on my current server, so my main base still has a key lock on it.
I don’t need a map to navigate the area around, but I tend to carry one with a decent chunk explored, and a marker in some inaccessible site a few km from my base with ‘home’ written on it. I also mark off a few other bases in the area so people think it’s an active map.
Basically, it reduces the chance that people who kill me and take my key could find my house and rinse it.

No matter how pro your architecture skills are, there is no better base defence than not being found…

But I got to admit as I found a map on a barrelhunt I actually used it and it was pretty useful to see where I already was looking for barrels.

Meh. Don’t use an in game map. Simple.

What I do is mark a bunch of random “x” marks or dots all in different colors. Make one of them on top of your base and remember which color it was. If you know a rad town or something and want to mark that do the same thing but use a different icon like if you used dots for your base, use x, circles, squares, etc.