How do you make your own NPC's on Garry's Mod?

ive looked and looked all over the web to try to find out how to make my own but i just couldnt find out how anywere…so can anyone help me plz cuz i rly would like to make my own thnx!


Google this ‘how to use grammar and punctuation’

Learn how to code

how do i do tht?

Go to university for about 2 years learning C++, Java and etc. Probably not easy. but eh.

Or just spent 3-6 months learning basic .lua
However, first you have to graduate primary school.

Just learn Lua. THE END.

Learn LUA, though based on your language I suspect you could never do it

you can either go to some school or learn in your own time (which is not recommended)

That’s rather rude to assume he can’t do it just because he doesn’t have a great post etiquette. Some of the best Lua scripters around here can’t post with proper punctuation to save their lives.

I can if I wanted to, but i choose not to because it saves time. well thank you everyone, i’ll try to learn how to learn LUA.

And (hopefully) a new lua coder is born. A little FYI, you need to learn Gmod Lua. So search for gmod lua on google and you should get a gmod wiki with all the functions you can use in garrys mod

This, was a heart-warming thread, I just watched a new member be accepted into the community.
Also, yes. Garry’s Mod Lua.