How Do You Make Your Player Model's Textures Colorable?

Can anyone tell me how to make my model’s .vmt have the necessary properties to be colorable ingame? I’m refering to the custom colors you can set for your player model or physics gun.

You need to create an alpha channel for the diffuse texture you are making colorable.
White = what’s colorable and how much (depends on the strength or how white it is)
Black = what to leave alone and not color

As for the VMT, use a program like GCFScape to extract some GMod player models and their textures. You’ll have access to their VMTs and those will explain how to use the color option. Everything is commented in the VMT to help you understand what each option does.

I wouldn’t mind giving you the code but I’m not home as of now. I’ll send it to you once I get home.

Okay and what about the physics gun? I sort of want to know how due their vmts work.

Same method applies.