How do you obtain Garrysmod 11?

Does anyone know how I can get it? I noticed a lot of servers like to not work without it.

there is no garrysmod 11. just garry’s mod. i rate you box.

and aimbotting is bad, especially on falloutmod servers.

Aimbotting? Didn’t plan on doing that. Also, I meant the SVN version of Garrysmod.

There is no SVN for Garry’s Mod. You have to buy it off steam. Here’s the link.

Also, make sure to have a Source game like CSS or HL2.

You buy it, idiot

EDIT: :ninja:'d

Gmod 11 is an updated version of Gmod (Now obsolete, because we are on update 67)

68 actually.

Thank you for actually being helpful.

Anyway, I already legally have Gmod 10. I paid the 10 bucks and am not a dirty pirate.

You mean the Gmod beta? With Fretta? Just go look around the Lua subforum.