How do you paint on sign ?

Hey guys ! I was wondering how you guys paint on your wooden sign ?

I mean, the tools we have are not very accurate, you can’t make a perfect circle, it’s hard to paint a straight line without overfill.

Are you guys using software to do it ? A graphic tablet ?

If you guys have video tutorial feel free to post it here, i’m curious :slight_smile:

Sorry if I did some mistake, english is not my main language.

i only write “have a nice day” in raided bases :slight_smile:

Some servers have a plugin so you can import pictures on the signs.

Thank you for your answers.

Yeah, I know this plugin, but I mostly play on Vanilla server so… :cat:

I wish you could carry signs around so you can paint them in the safety of your home.

I’d personally dig a button to zoom the sign automatically so it’s letterboxed on screen, and rotated so it’s flat. It’d make drawing much easier.
And yes, you can use a drawing tablet too.

Prepainting signs in inventory before placing. Do want.

there is no secret as far as i know. people that makes nice signs just spend a lot of time on it, and saves/revert a lot.

My main gripe with signs is they never seem to save for me. i would spend 30 minutes working on a sign, I save it, and it seemed it save. i can see it just fine. then i disconnect/reconnet and it revert to an older state where just the background is painted, but all my latest saved modification were ignored.

It would be cool if they could add layers.

Stealing the mona lisa…