How do you personally paint a uv map

Hello. i have been having trouble painting my uv mesh. it never lines up right and it just over all looks bad. what steps do you take to make a uv mesh. I’m hoping that if i try uv mapping like more experienced texture artists. Ill be able to at least make a decent texture. Thank you very much for your time. It is really appreciated.

What program are you using to model your mesh?
What I’m getting is that you’ve successfully compiled your model already, just the textures are looking bad. Am I right?
It’d also be handy to give the .vmt your using for your texture.

If you’re using 3DS Max, try this:

If you’re using Blender, try this:

Or you can also look at the UV Mapping part in this video - it’d be a good idea to watch the whole thing anyways if you’re using Blender.

Sorry if I haven’t included the program you’re using above, I really only use 3DS Max and Blender :stuck_out_tongue: