How do you pick a server name that wasn't previously used?

I’ve been trying to think of a name for a server that I’d like to startup but it seems like most if not all of the names I liked were already taken, how do you pick a unique name?

Random word + gaming

Badage Boys Gaming

No no no, the formula which you use for deciding the name of a server goes like this. (Name of tree) + gaming = server name.

or that might just be for country clubs

A server with a golf-club mentality. Player models are forced into golfing clothes, golf-cart related premade vehicles, a 9-hole golf course built into the map with a set of golfing SWEPs…

Some of the coolest names I’ve seen are a noun + another word. A physical object/object-action that you can associate easily with your community.

Nova - Box

Lemon - Punch

Gear - Lock

Muffin - Vibe

You can create a good, original name by BRAINSTORMING. Take a notepad file, and just start WRITING random BULLSHIT. Write as much as you can or want to-- get your friends to do it too. Nothing shouldn’t be written down, even if it sounds ridiculous. (It’s brainstorming, after all.)

After you have done this, just select the best name out of the pile!


op’s new community name is decided then

seems unique enough to me

I kinda like it…

Washing Machine Gaming
Fish Heater’s RP
Tits RP

These all exist except for Washing Machine Gaming

I want to see someone create Washing Machine Gaming

Just choose a name that is an accurate representation of your community. Based upon that I chose Superior Servers for mine. Something like Inferior Servers might be a good fit for you.

As an additional strategy, use a phrase that you turn into an acronym followed by Gaming.

IE: BID Gaming - Burn It Down Gaming

Scriptfodder Gaming


all servers have pretty much the same kind of name. best you can do to make it stand out is just right it all in capitals and keep it short and simple. examples:

or my fav so far:

Past all the “jokes” and "memes.
Here are some genuine suggestions

Shiny Gaming
Zig Zag roleplay
Constellation RP
Tetra Roleplay
Rumination RP
Concoction Roleplay
Ribbon Roleplay
Harmonic breakthrough RP
Artifact DarkRP
Systematic RP
Key shifting Roleplay
Operational RP

what about eugucus rp

“Gaming” Gaming.

more like euge cunts RP :vs: