How do you play experiment branch?

Is it playable by everyone and anyone or am I just stupid to think you can?

Actually this is a really stupid thread anyways >.>

It’s not really “playable” yet… you can get in and mess around and it got a new map today but there’s no mobs or gathering mats or anything yet.

You’re probably best just sticking to the production branch until they finish what they’re doing in experimentals.

Well I’d be interested in seeing the new systems showing up in Experimental but have one question:
I play on 2 different computers, if I enable experimental on one computer, will that affect gameplay on only that computer or on my account overall (as in will changing one make both computers load the Experimental branch)?

Not sure… it’s a Steam setting so I would assume that any changes you make in Steam will change on all computers that use that account. May require some testing.