How do you play Garry's mod on a labtop?

I understand that u need a numberpad do control vehicles, so i changed my keys so that page up goes forward/page down goes backwards. Yet it still doesnt move. Is there anything i can do?

I don’t know if you can the numberpad since some laptops overlap the numberpads keys with some keys from the right of the keyboard and you have to hold down a special key to use them. What’s your laptop?
And what’s a “labtop”

Look on your keyboard. On the keys by L, there should be little blue numbers. That is your numpad. Hold FN (it’s under left shift) and hit the corresponding blue number. That’s what I did until I picked up an external numpad.

What’s a Labtop? Sounds vaguely familiar to a Laptop.

Maybe its a laptop in a computer lab :v:

You can also have it locked too by toggle so you can just press the keys with out having to hold FN, FN+NumLock

It’s possible. But yeah, on the keys by L there should be blue Numbers. Read Agu’s post.