How do you port css skins (From Fpsbanana) into Gmod?

I would like to know how to port skins from Fpsbanana into Garry’s mod as individual sweps.

What skins and what SWEPs? Do you mean make extra SWEPs of CS:S weapons with different weapon models? (well weapon model reskins)

I just droped the mats/models/sounds/scripts into the same folders i would in css. It works too, just fine. :slight_smile:

Yes its a skin meant for CSS

Right then you need to find another weapon (or the original CS:S, not sure if they are lua, but my GMod keeps refuring to them as being so, though I don’t have CS:S) lua files for the weapon then change the names and the paths of the v_model and w_model to be what you want them to be.

Hexing aint that easy, you need to rename the weapon to another name with the same amount of characters. and then open the .mdl to change the model path / name to the same name as before.

Possibly changing the materials path too.

Ah thats what I forgot to put in there (knew there was something).

I know how to hex, I do it often, how many weapons are we talking here?

like 5

Which ones?

i’m french and could you post picture of the operation for import skin weapons css to gmod because i not really understand