How do you prevent THIS from happening?

2 different rooms, 2 separate skyboxes and still you can see the first area of the map from the second one

Give me your vmf. Not really enough info.



should be easy to put in the blue door area :slight_smile:

That won’t work. Please stop posting, I am doubting you even map.

Hmmm… k.

Here it is:

BTW, the map has a leak (somewhere… T_T). It has something to do with that?

works for me >w<d :kamina:

You can’t have two skyboxes. I heard this works with episode 2 the way you did it in the pics. Not sure tho

Areaportals don’t work like that and that’s not really what they’re for.

You can have two skyboxes.

Leaks can break all kinds of shit, patch it up.

Is there some sort of a leak-finder 3rd party software? I just can’t find it…

Post the compile log.

Load the pointfile and follow the red line. Where it exits the map is the location of the hole.

Alright… The compile log is that thing you get when you press F9, right?
I think i have it…

And what is “pointfile”?

And by compile log, i mean just the last one, not all of them.

map > Load Pointfile.

It will tell you the location of a leak.

It doesn’t really look like a bug, can’t he just put a visleaf in there to cut it off from rendering while in each room?

Not until the leak is fixed. Until that happens, anything he does might not fix the problem.

Quite obviously, there’s a number of models in the void… Just ran the point file and yeah… Ladder leaking underneath and a tree under the large area.

Found and fixed the leaked - problem solved :slight_smile:

What was it? :slight_smile:

it was a door from the looks of the compile log
or maybe a npc outside the world

yeah actually just looking at the entity name in the log is much faster.

ok… let me explain…

you need to put a portal door between the two, most likeley in a place where the two rooms wouldn’t be able to see eachother, like down in that hallway place with what looks like a ladder.