How do you properly install the NPC Animations addon?

I have tried making new folders and putting them in there, I tried making new text file documents and others but they don’t work, I still get the ‘unknown command’ label and now I am running out. I posted this in the video section because I thought it would be appropriate as alot of people here managed to make movies using it.
The addon I am talking about is in this thread:

Can I please get some help? I see alot of movies in gmod using this script, I want to know how yo properly download this so please can I have some help?

wrong section broseph…

Guess you have never installed something that isn’t in addon format.


This isn’t in addon format, link me the one that is please.

Give me some real advice please.
I need some advice on this, I tried typing in the codes that are in the tutorial in the link but the players always run around with the T-shape pose.