How do you put at YouTube player into Hammer Editor?

Hey guys, I made a map recently that is a movie theater and the server requires that you spawn a projector/screen/etc in the ent. Menu. Is there any way I can just insert a projector right into Hammer? A modification? Addon?

Please help, that would be awesome!

Search the gmod wiki to learn how to place SENTs. The server will need to have the particular movie player that you want to use installed.

To place a weapon, you would place the entity thing, double click it, and write the weapons name (EG, Weapon_357).

I’ve never tried sents, but I know if you open the youtube players addon folder, and find the folder the shared.lua, cl_init.lua and init.lua are in, that folders NAME is the thing you put into hammer.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Its called youtube_player