How do you regenerate the config folder?

Well, I was running into problems getting some binds to work and a good friend of mine told me to delete my config file. I thought he was talking about the whole config folder, so I went ahead and deleted the config folder and now my game works like CRAP. I can’t get the physics gun, I can’t open the spawn menu, I can’t even get the tool or camera gun.

So… My question is… What do I do now???

Rename the garrysmod/garrysmod folder to something like garrysmodold. Start gmod. Exit gmod. Go to the new garrysmod/garrysmod folder that gMod has created. Copy all your stuff back in.

Or, PM me for my config folder if you want it.

This suggestion didn’t work… Does anyone else have a better idea?

Please people, I need an answer!


OK, I think I am on to something, I have been experimenting with the game and have been checking the console for errors and it said “ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSpawn’ Failed: sandbox/gamemode/init.lua:56: attempt to call field ‘Bool’ (a nil value)”. I checked init.lua and didn’t see anything wrong with it (Of course I’m not all that good with coding), but I did find that this is the file that tells the game what weapons to give me whenever I spawn. I have also noticed that it will say plenty of other things are making nil values. Like whenever I spawn an npc, it will say “ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSpawnedNPC’ Failed: player.lua:137: attempt to call method ‘AddCount’ (a nil value)”.

These problems only started happening after I deleted the config folder, but if they arent located in it why is the game screwing up?

Verify files in Steam.

Game should regenerate the missing bitsnpieces anyway though

dig though your recycling bin!

Yay, binge digging for all!

if you copied ALL files acroos you wasted your time, rename it again and only copy across stuff like your addons, and if not, reinstall agian and start from scratch