How do you report "hackers"

MONST3R I have him recorded via fraps warping through the walls/doors and getting into my house and killing me a few times. Never opened a door just came straight in.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

maybe getting fraps and uploading it to youtube next time?

…I just said I did record it with fraps :/…Just happened like 15 min ago.

As of now, recording someone hacking is not proof !
You can change your name every hour, so it could be anyone.
Perhaps they will implement some sort of MOD-system (support),
that can ghost and log anything against ToS.

Viper - How did he warp through your door? I think you were the guy I also stuck in a shack after Warriortay, Teig and Monst3r jumped inside your house - You were able to jump on a part of the premade building and therefor allowing acces to one of your windows - thats how it happened…


Edit: Hehe, just found out it was you: - It’s you in about 2 minutes - isnt it?

I can understand getting into my initial building that way, but he bypassed 3 METAL DOORS without opening them or destroying them into a room that has no windows.
I didn’t actually see him warp through, but he killed me from the other room and when I can back to my house he was in said room with no windows.

edit: yeah that was me, dick lol.
I just suicided and came back. Also, I build in that one because I like it(To your friend who was like "Who builds in that building).

I never succeeded the jump and got in there - I know Warriortay got stuck in there because you closed a door on him - But monst3r warping through doors sounds, weird - I’m pretty sure he did not tho.