how do you report someone?

im wondering cuz a player went invisible and killed me and also knew where i was

Without having a video of it, there is little you can do. Names can be changed on a whim… and unless they are using a third-party program to do this, they’d likely get away with it.

There’s a hacker report threadif someone is cheating.

Did you manage to catch it out video?

I go invisible all the time. If I throw something on the ground, I become visible. There was a guy with a gun outside my door one day and I walked behind him and was standing there. He said over voice that he couldn’t see me.

There is no hacker report thread, that’s first; using an old thread is not the way to report. Second, don’t name names. . .in-game names are useless for reporting in this game as anyone can name themselves anything and change their in-game name at will with a 1-hour cool-down, not to mention that anyone can have a duplicate name of someone else and impersonate anyone else’s name in-game at-will.

Video recording that clearly demonstrates an exploit, etc. is the only way to inform the development team, and that should be communicated through emailing them or placing it on the Bug Reports section, again with clear video proof of a third-party hack.